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With a seemingly endless torrent of new technologies constantly entering the market it would be easy to underestimate the impact that VR is about to have on the world. Virtual Reality is a technology which has been in development for well over 50 years and is going to be a major disruptor in ‘virtually’ every industry. The reason why everyone is currently talking about VR is not because Virtual Reality is new, it is because the technology has finally matured and is going to revolutionise how property developers and marketers engage with prospective buyers.

It is no secret that both continents have long been world leaders in adopting new technologies. Australians not only boast one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world but have been early adopters of wearable technology (such as smart watches) and are among the most prolific users of Facebook globally. So there is no surprise that all signs are pointing towards Australia being at the forefront of VR adoption as well.

According to Google Trends, at the time of this writing, Melbourne and Sydney are leading the world in regional interest for the search terms “Virtual Reality” and “Google Cardboard”.

Virtual Reality is also growing at a rapid rate in Asia.

TAE_Concept_3 In the last six months, the Chinese VR market has seen a flurry of investments, partnerships and new ventures. There are currently over 100 types of

VR headsets in China and e-commerce giants such as Alibaba and Taobao have reported total sales of over 300,000 units of VR headsets per month.

The First VR App for Australian Property for an International Audience

The Asian Executive is pleased to announce a joint venture with Liminal 360, one of Australia’s leading Virtual Reality companies to create a platform for property developers to showcase off-the-plan properties in Virtual Reality (VR). The app will be launched at the 2016 Melbourne Cup Carnival Charity Ball to be held at the Palladium at Crown on 28 October 2016. It will be a first of its kind, creating an entirely new ecosystem for property developers to ‘bring to life’ projects which are yet to be constructed.

For every development being showcased on The Asian Executive VR app, Liminal 360 will provide custom branded Google Cardboards and a dedicated iOS and Android app for the project.

Now that photo-real, mobile phone powered VR experiences are possible, we are excited to be partnering with Liminal 360 to build a platform specifically designed to facilitate the reach and evolution of this immersive and captivating medium.

The Asian Executive has showcased some of Australia’s most prestigious developments in both our magazine and digital media. By expanding into Virtual Reality we are leading the way for our readers to experience future developments with an unprecedented sense of space, scale and depth. This platform will provide a natural and intuitive way for a person to explore a property before its physical construction has even broken ground.

About Liminal 360

The Asian Executive has chosen Liminal 360 as our joint venture partner due to their professionalism, quality and commitment to providing a great user experience. We believe that Liminal 360’s Virtual Reality experiences are the benchmark in marketing off-the-plan properties.

The Liminal team includes some of Australia’s most talented digital artists and designers who have worked for some of the world’s leading production houses such as Animal Logic, Sega Studios and Pixar.

With decades of combined experience in Virtual Reality, 3D modelling, animation and software development, Liminal 360 is at its core a VR company.

It is this unique skill set coupled with the founders’ pragmatic and hands-on approach to client service and project management which made Liminal 360 the obvious choice for a partnership with the Asian Executive.

What will the app feature?

The Asian Executive VR app will be a mobile Virtual Reality platform for property developers to showcase off-the-plan properties to investors in Australia and around the world. The app will be readable in both English and Chinese and will be freely available for download on the App Store (iPhones) and Google Play (Android phones).

Each property published on the app will have an individual listing featuring project information (including a short bio of the developer), a photo-real, full-screen virtual tour of the property and an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

The virtual tour and immersive VR experience will allow a person to view a property in 360 degrees, navigate from room to room through a featured apartment or townhouse or view other salient key amenities within the building or even the façade itself.

A user will be able to access a tour of the development in both Viewport mode and Virtual Reality mode.

Viewport mode will provide a non-immersive version of the virtual tour that can be viewed directly from a person’s smartphone without a Virtual Reality viewer.

VR mode will be an immersive version of the virtual tour which requires the use of a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewer. VR mode allows a person to experience a sense of being inside the property and look around in every direction.

One of the major benefits of Google Cardboards is that they are inexpensive and can be custom printed in volume with a developer and/or project’s branding. This provides a unique opportunity for sales agents to hand out branded Google Cardboards at launch events, display suites or property expos, providing a great point of difference for developers wishing to implement a cutting edge digital marketing campaign.

If you are an innovative developer or project marketer wanting to extend your reach and showcase a prestigious project in Virtual Reality, please contact us on +61 3 8676 0688 or email to be part of this exciting new platform.