JDRF Australia is extremely honoured to be invited by The Asian Executiveto be its beneficiary charity for this year’s The Asian Executive Melbourne Cup Carnival Charity Ball on 3 November.

JDRF is presently connected with the 2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival through the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) as its official Pin & Win charity.

JDRF’s mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes and its complications. Its vision is ambitious – a world without type 1 diabetes, but its work is grounded in a realistic action plan for research. The organisation is confident in its diversified strategy to fund research in the three areas of cure, prevention and treatment, however funding and support  are critical to success.  Type 1 diabetes strikes at random and has no cure. This autoimmune disease impacts 120,000 families across Australia with seven new cases diagnosed each day. People with type 1 diabetes are plunged into a life of constant blood glucose monitoring through fingerpricks and must have multiple daily injections or infusions of insulin to stay alive.

JDRF brings hope to thousands of families across Australia. After four decades working towards a cure for type 1 diabetes JDRF has accumulated enough experience to invest in the research that will achieve progress most quickly, and manage it optimally so that our research delivers results. This careful consideration of where funding is directed ensures that only the most talented researchers are working on the most -promising projects.

Right now, JDRF has more than 20 clinical trials active in Australia. That’s 20 ways of potentially curing or treating or preventing type 1 diabetes that are so close to general use that they are being tested in humans. One exciting technological advance that’s currently in trial phase is the artificial pancreas system. If successful, this will automate blood glucose management and provide the right amount of insulin at the right time, dramatically reducing risks and improving the lives of people who have the disease. The system is driven by sophisticated computer algorithms that live on a smartphone and link to a sensor and insulin pump on the body to control insulin delivery.

The vision of a world without type 1 diabetes is one JDRF shares with its partners. JDRF is proudly the largest private funder of type 1 diabetes research worldwide, and its investments attract substantially more money to T1D research than other organisations.

As an organisation, JDRF are is more effective because of their its relationships and collaborations with academic institutions, policymakers, and corporate and industry partners to develop and deliver a pipeline of innovative therapies to people living with T1D.

“We’re proud of the progress we’re making, and what’s to come in the next few years. This disease is striking more children in Australia each week, hampering and damaging adult lives, causing serious illness and in some tragic cases, death. So we’re fired by the energy of corporate partners like The Asian Executive,” said Mike Wilson, JDRF CEO and Managing Director.

“It’s hoped that through events like The Asian Executive Melbourne Cup Carnival  Charity Ball, we can reach segments of the community that have the influence and capacity to help us catalyse research progress.” JDRF Australia’s high profile Board of Directors boasts a range of Australia’s business heavy hitters. It is headed up by Chair Richard Goyder AO. Mr Goyder is best known as Managing Director of Wesfarmers and Commissioner of the Australian Football League (AFL), and has recently been appointed to the Boards of Woodside and Qantas. Most importantly, he is the father of a son with type 1 diabetes. “This cause is very close to my heart. I hear and identify with the ambitions, hopes and fears of the type 1 diabetes community,” said Mr Goyder on his appointment in March 2016.

Mr Goyder said of The Asian Executive partnership, “On behalf of the JDRF Board, I’m delighted that JDRF is a partner of this prestigious event. We look forward to engaging with the Asian business community in support of the important work of JDRF.”

The Board’s leadership roles are rounded out with Paul Heath as Vice Chair and Stuart Green as Treasurer. Mr Heath is the CEO of Koda Capital and father to a daughter with type 1 diabetes. Mr Green is also Chair of the JDRF Australia Finance and Audit Committee and Executive Director and Group Treasurer at Macquarie Group.

“We are fortunate to have a Board led by one of Australia’s most respected business leaders, a Treasurer who is also the Treasurer of the Macquarie Group, and senior Directors with broad experience across business and science. It has been, and will continue to be, extremely beneficial to the delivery of our strategy for positive impact on the type 1 diabetes community”, said Mike Wilson.

Book now for The Asian Executive 2017 Melbourne Cup Carnival Charity Ball by going to http://bit.ly/2w829hL