At only 32 years, Vincent Sun has had an unconventional career path to say the least. But a continued interest in health, well being, family and friends has led him down a career path of providing beautiful, bespoke homes, steeped in nature and luminous in craft and detail. 

Becoming a property developer was perhaps the last thing on Vincent’s mind when he embarked on a medical career in radiology and oncology.

Studious, driven and ambitious, Vincent graduated from medical school and worked long and grueling hours on end, traversing hospital wards, administering to seriously ill patients. Not surprisingly during this time, Vincent began to think seriously about the fragility of life and our imperative to live it well. Says Vincent: “I believe that we only have one life so we have to enjoy and share it.”

He decided to completely shift his career and become a property developer as hospital hours were too demanding and he wanted to spend
quality time and enjoy his own home with family and friends. Through contemplating what indeed, makes a good home that fosters health and well being, Vincent Sun launched property development company, Osten.

“During my time in the medical industry, I began to consider the necessity of healthy homes and my obligation as a developer to provide holistic wellness through design.” 

Vincent endorses architecture that promotes well-being and as such, has formed an enduring relationship with the highly talented architectural duo, Joanne Saw and Eugene Cheah of Cheah Saw Architects.

With this serendipitous partnership underway Osten and now has three major projects in various stages of design, launch and completion. With a total gross realization of $50M.

Eugene Cheah and Joanna Saw understand that beautiful design is timeless and life is precious so has designed sublime and original homes for each of Vincent’s locations. Vincent comments: “We cannot compromise a home, I am focused on trying to make a better life, and home is the place where the majority of our memories happen. This is so important to us at Osten and we spend more money, effort and time creating quality, well designed homes for people to truly appreciate.”

Vincent believes that holistic wellness through design is translated as creating comprehensively designed spaces, infused with natural light, and surrounded by nature.

Families and people of all ages are given plenty of space too; there is room for kids, parents and grandparents. Osten work through a checklist in the design development approach of each home, which includes:


Much like a plant, people respond to light. Daylight soaked spaces – lift the spirits and warm the soul


A personal choice, but colour can be selected to either be calming or energising and reflects the individuals personal taste


A natural environment, contemplative view, the sound of water, greenery, or even a curated interior with flourishing pot plants

Fresh air
Fresh air reticulation is imperative to keep a space healthy

Wood, stone, natural fabrications

For sound sleeping and peace of mind

A sense of safety

Living in a friendly neighbourhood where people are not aggressive

An encouragement of play and humour

For the time being, however, Vincent is besotted with his latest project, No.71, Station Street Fairfield, an inspired design by Cheah Saw Architecture which is currently on market.

No.71 Station Street is a series of 13 extraordinarily large two and three bedroom apartments that are elegantly curated, with composite concrete finessed frames that present an elegant, stacked form to Station Street, in the heart of multicultural Fairfield.

No 71 Station Street’s orientation is situated to embrace abundant light and space. Dappled light will play throughout the main living quarters during the day and illuminate the stairs, whilst generous multi level living spaces will ensure privacy, space and serenity for inhabitants.

Vincent has two other major projects in the pipeline too, South Melbourne and Ashburton.

South Melbourne is coming onto the market by end of 2019 and is a multi level Soho style six story loft development incorporating six dwellings. A standout feature is lush landscape by Eckersley Garden Architecture surrounding the residences with mature trees featured throughout the building and featured hanging gardens softening the balconies and public spaces. Residences will enjoy stunning city views and private rooftop amenities and a residents only swimming pool for everyone to enjoy.

All of these 6 dwellings are in the same building but highly independent, each of them have their own car park entry, lift, swimming pool and two rooftop areas with postcard grade city view.

Vincent Sun describes Asburthon is a very different project. “It is almost an architectural futuristic experiment. We are introducing breakthrough ideas such as a floating courtyard – and a swimming pool in the middle of the yard. The house will be surrounding the courtyard and no matter where you are in the house you will enjoy a water view of the swimming pool. The whole project is infused with landscaped green gardens light and water.” 

Ashburton is commencing construction in 2019 and will be on market in 2020 as two finished homes. Each home has 4-5 bedrooms, 5 bathroom, 3 living rooms – these will be very special residences and about $3M each. For real, each of Vincent’s project is truly collectors’ product, not in big quantity but extremely high in beauty and quality.