Charter Keck Cramer, Australia’s most trusted and innovative property group, has recently opened the doors to its first Asia based office in Singapore. Building on our national Australian presence, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane; Charter Singapore will offer Capital, Advisory and Research capability to our existing and future clients from the Asian region acting as a safe pair of hands for the investment of capital into the Australian property market.

Having evolved over the past 40 years into multifaceted property advisory firm, offering local access to broad range of professional valuation, research, project, advisory, and capital services, Charter has developed a strong track record of delivering data and intelligence driven advice to property investors and developers. Charter’s clients have a unique opportunity to utilise our knowledge, experience, and independence as advisors and due diligence partners when making investment decisions focused on the Australian property market.

For many years Charter Keck Cramer has had a strong focus on servicing our Asian clients, and with our newly opened office in Singapore we will quickly evolve to operating with a strong presence, allowing for more established and developed relationship with our clients.

Charter Singapore will be the first point of call for facilitating investment of Capital into local Australian markets. On the ground we provide bespoke Research, Advisory, and Capital service to meet the needs of our clients.

Charter’s Head of International Business, Ivan Lam, is an integral part connecting our clients with opportunities. Having a deep understanding of the local market in Australia and the market dynamics of the Asian economic machine, Ivan is a trusted advisor to many of our long standing clients.

Myself, as CEO, and our Chairman Scott Keck, service the region along with a number of Charter Keck Cramer’s senior executives. Our clients have access to both our senior industry leaders and our innovative young minds.

The last financial year saw $122bn of approved foreign investment into Australian real estate market; a 19% increase in residential and a 38% increase in commercial. These strong market fundamentals are indicators of the growing demand for Australia property assets, with so much market movement, it’s fundamentally important to have the right guidance and support throughout the investment process.

Our firm is strongly committed to the best future for Australia will be through the ongoing strengthening of the relationship we have with Asia. There is a vital need for both true opportunity identification and security for inbound capital. Charter is committed to the role that we can play in assisting bilateral exchange between Australia and its neighbours in the region. We focus on social understanding, cultural respect and the creation of low risk, long term property, capital and business investment opportunities that can be effectively and transparently managed.

With a deep understanding of the critical linkages between planning policy, property markets and property industry dynamics Charter provides the perspective and foresight needed to deliver investment into our markets.

Population growth, which has outstripped projections consistently for a number of years, is a fundamental driver for the Australian economy and property markets. Australia population is projected to reach up to 70.1million by 2101 by the ABS, which is almost three times our current population growth, notwithstanding that historically, our growth has consistently outstripped projections.

 It is for these reasons that there has been a long history and now ever increasing demand from international institutional investors for property assets across all classes not only in the capital cities but as well in prominent regional centres.

Charter has, in the past 18 months, been involved in a number of significant transaction management deal structures, in which we have connected our clients (both vendors and purchasers) with significant opportunities for unique asset class purchase, and value optimising sales.

We structured the deal for the sale of 308 Exhibition Street on behalf of Telstra, which sold to SP Setia for $101million.

We delivered a $2 billion joint-venture to redevelop the Moonee Valley Racecourse, on behalf of our client Moonee Valley Racing Club with industry superfunds Hostplus, ISPT, and property developer Hamton.

Most recently we structured the Sale and Leaseback of Village Roadshows 154-hectare site in Queensland, which sold to Altis Property Partners for circa $100 million.

These transactions further reinforce the current demand for all Australian asset classes along with long term passive cash flows, with many players now looking beyond traditional real estate asset classes.

Australia offers a wide variety of direct property investment and property related capital opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors, all of which are understood deeply by Charter. Charter specialises in the provision of independent property advice and the implementation of a wide range of property strategies across all asset classes and sectors, which is why we are so trusted by our clients both locally and internationally.

Australia’s political stability, high standards of corporate governance, strong legal system and multi-cultural attitude culminate in it being a wonderful destination for global investors particularly from Asia because of our time zone similarity and proximity.

Myself, Ivan, Scott and other senior executives are always available to meet with potential new clients to understand how Charter can add value and lower risk always cost effective and as is sometimes required, within very tight timeframes. We understand that opportunity in the real estate sector often requires extremely quick responses and we specialise in assisting clients to move decisively and effectively under competitive conditions. We respect confidentiality and have a reputation for accuracy and clear advice.

Our team of 200 staff across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore are independent and highly experienced, they can analyse, identify and implement tailored property solutions that respond to client needs and deliver maximum value. Our clients have confidence that we will identify every market opportunity available and that their best interest is our absolute priority. We deliver integrated solutions aligned to our clients’ property assets and strategic objectives and we can be engaged for just one or all of our services.

Charter is wholly owned by the one entity and is not a franchise nor does it license other operations. It is also independent of the Real Estate Agency industry and by these definitions, is the largest Australian owned independent property consultancy of its type operating nationally and now internationally.

As you reflect upon your present involvement, or contemplate new opportunities, please consider approaching our firm to see how we can help you. Regardless of your location, either in Australia, or overseas, your enquiry may best be directed to Ivan Lam or alternatively, myself, or Scott.

For more information about Charter Keck Cramer’s services, locations, reach, and experience visit