A Re-Brand for

The Chateau Yering
Historic House Hotel

It is a brave business that walks a path to update a brand even
more so one with a history dating back circa 1854
and one with such an iconic stature.
Chateau Yering, Historic House Hotel, has done so and,last month,
proudly presented Chateau Yering Yarra Valley to 122
hosted dignitaries, partners, suppliers, residents and guests.

Owner, Mr Max Zhang was introduced to the distinguished audience as the new generation custodian for Chateau Yering. As a designer, architect and naturalist, he has placed a massive cache in the natural history and beauty of the region.

The new General Manager, Niel Mason, delivered a summary of the business strategy to rejuvenate the hotel’s fortunes and offered some fresh insights into the re-branding process.

Below is a summary of his remarks.

We embed the idea of what the “Yarra Valley” means into our brand, reflecting our commitment to the region, our cooperation within the region and proudly promote the area in everything we do.

We have maintained the Historic House Hotel motif which acknowledges a story dating back to 1837. More subtlety, the font and colour reflect prestige and prosperity with a whimsical nod to wine and fun.

Most significantly – Chateau Yering has grown dramatically from a market perception that “services are available only to hotel guests” – to that of a regional Tourism Destination.

We are open for business every day.

Accommodation remains a peaceful retreat for hotel guests. Sweetwater Café, under new brand reflecting its vine varietal namesake, is open for breakfast, morning tea and lunch daily – for guests, visitors to the region and residents

Aerial view of Chateau Yering Historic House built in 1854 and the heritage-listed garden

Owner, Max Zhang – a bright future for the re-branded Chateau Yering Hote

drawing room at chateau yeaning hotel

We have introduced the prestige brand “Chandon” as our house pour sparkling.

We introduced a Slayer Espresso Machine and locally roasted Capulus coffee – both making a bold statement of our intentions.

Eleonore’s, under new brand reflecting its namesake deCastella’s mother, is open daily for a la carte fine dining, and on Saturday and Sunday for Traditional High Tea.

Our MICE space The Chinese Room, Library and Oak Room are available daily.

Note that the Chinese Room and Library may be used free of charge by local associations, boards and clubs for meetings when available until further notice. 1854 Whiskey Bar, under the new brand, reflects the Historical House heritage, is in rapid development.

And I am pleased to introduce The Cellar. Pre-dating the historic house, the cellar is a project you are invited to be amongst the first

to experience. Chateau Yering will develop a truly unique and intimate experience and proudly Yarra Valley.

Today we all face extraordinary times following the bushfires and coronavirus, so it is welcoming to see a local, regional business rise to the challenge during these times.

We look forward to working alongside local businesses, engaging with collaborative imagination wherever possible, and collectively taking the product to market domestically and internationally for mutual benefit.

The delivery of their Wine & Stories dinner series is a testament to their ability to do so.

Please join me to congratulate its new owner Max Zhang for exceptional brand launch today.

You are invited to share in the history and story of this stunning heritage property located in the heart, the social centre, of the Yarra Valley