A Year End Message

In an action-packed year, we co-hosted with the Victoria Racing Club Australia’s largest Asian corporate gala event at the Palladium at Crown on 1 November. One thousand international and local executives and their partners packed the ballroom to enjoy a moment of reverence for the traditions of the Melbourne Cup Carnival as well as the spectacular featured entertainment. We were pleased, once again, to act as a conduit to raise net proceeds from charitable efforts for Guide Dogs Victoria.

Special thanks to principal sponsor, Lexus Australia and major sponsors, Pomeroy Pacific, Multiplex, UEM Sunrise and our friends at Pitcher Partners

Exclusive articles and features abound this edition.

The Asian Executive attended the inaugural The Australian Strategic Forum at the invitation of The Australian in Sydney recently where Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg delivered his first formal address about US/China trade dynamics. Much of what he delivered was laudable. As with every successive Australian government, the challenge is how to balance the extremely complex and nuanced relationship between an old trusted ally and a major trading partner – each with two vastly divergent political systems.

The Asian Executive enjoys an excellent relationship with Asialink and is pleased to support its inaugural “40 Under 40” Awards. These awards are a remarkable initiative that will help elevate the status of high-achieving Asian Australians in Australia. We look forward to supporting this initiative into the years to come.

The Asian Executive endorses the Property Council of Australia’s commendable lobbying efforts to see burdensome red tape cut to help future buyers find affordable homes. Various market dynamics have conspired to deflate housing growth, and it is imperative to remove regulatory “friction” with absolute priority as a matter of sound public policy. Housing affordability, also heavily impacted by a dwelling shortage and the ever-growing population as tabled in a detailed report by Oliver Hume.

In this edition, our executive insights cross the diverse yet inter-connected sectors of international relations (Australian Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg), planning (ICD MD Matthew Khoo) and politics (Victorian Liberal Party Leader, Michael O’Brien).

We are now planning our Lunar New Year of the Rat corporate event scheduled for Tuesday evening, 11 February 2020. Subscribe online at www.theasianexecutive.com.au to receive latest updates about this prestigious event.

We wish all our readers a peaceful Christmas period and a prosperous new year ahead.

Rick Wong & Grace Lim
The Asian Executive



2019年是激动人心的一年,我们协同维多利亚州赛马 俱乐部(Victoria Racing Club)于11月1日在皇冠钯金 宴会厅(Palladium at Crown)举办了澳大利亚规模最 大的亚洲企业参与的慈善盛典。约一千名国内外高 管人员及其合作伙伴齐聚在宴会厅内,怀着崇高的敬 意欣赏了墨尔本杯嘉年华传统节目以及壮观的特色 娱乐活动。我们很高兴能够借助本次慈善盛典,再次 将活动筹集的全部善款募捐给维多利亚导盲犬协会 (Guide Dogs Victoria)。

在此特别鸣谢本次盛典的一级赞助商Lexus Australia, 主要赞助商Pomeroy Pacific, Multiplex,UEM Sunrise 和Pitcher Partners会计事务所的友人们。


《亚洲势代》受《澳大利亚人报》之邀,于近日出席 了在悉尼召开的”澳大利亚战略论坛”。在此次活动 中,澳大利亚财政部长Josh Frydenberg首次发表了 关于中美贸易动态的演讲,其中很多观点都非常值得 赞许。当前澳大利亚政府面临的挑战是,如何平衡可 靠老盟友与主要贸易伙伴之间极为复杂又微妙的关 系,毕竟这两者的政治体制全然不同。事实上,这也 是历届澳大利亚政府所面临的挑战。

《亚洲势力》杂志同智库机构Asialink保持着良好 的合作关系,并很高兴支持其首届”40 Under 40″(40 岁以下40名最具影响力人物)奖项的颁发仪式。这些 奖项的设立堪称一项非凡的创新举措,将有助于提升 那些取得杰出成就的亚裔在澳大利亚的社会地位。 我们将一如既往地支持这项活动。

《亚洲势力》杂志支持并赞扬澳大利亚房地产理事 会(Property Council of Australia)为帮助购房者找到 适用房源,在减少繁文缛节的游说工作中所做出的努 力。多样化的市场动态抑制了房地产经济的增速,因 此一项健全的公共政策的先决条件是必须消除监管 机构之间的”摩擦”。正如Oliver Hume在一份详细 报告中所述,住房短缺和人口不断增长在很大程度上 影响着住房可负担能力。

本期杂志的高管人员来自不同的工作领域,包括 国际关系部门(Australian Treasurer,Josh Frydenberg 先生),规划(ICD MD Matthew Khoo先生),政界 (Victorian Liberal Party Leader, Michael O’Brien先生)。

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