Monash is a global university with a presence on four continents and ambitious plans for the future. As a young university, our outlook is progressive and optimistic. We’re focused on empowering our people to make a positive and lasting impact.

We’re the largest university in Australia,educating more than 83,000 students annually, including 22,000 international students. We’re also the largest employer, outside of the Melbourne central business district (CBD), in Victoria, directly engaging 17,500-plus people. Our researchers published more than 7400 papers in 2017 alone, and received funding of $342 million –among the highest of any Australian university.

Monash University is driving the development of the Monash Technology Precinct with the vision of being a city centre that’s
globally recognised for the strong collaboration between industry, research and education, creating innovative solutions to real-world problems. We’re preparing for a future where the Monash Technology Precinct is seen as a liveable, integrated, sustainable and connected city centre.

The Monash Technology Precinct is the catalyst of Victoria’s leading cluster of employment, economic growth and innovation outside Melbourne’s CBD. It’s identified as a priority precinct by the Victorian government. The cluster contributes $9.4 billion to the Victorian economy each year, supports more than 13,000 businesses and employs 95,000+ people. It also represents a significant concentration of Victoria’s knowledgebased industries, particularly in the fields of education, advanced

manufacturing and future materials, medical technology, biotechnology and systems, data science and AI, sustainability, and overnance and policy.

The latest addition to our growing Precinct is the Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts, which was opened in May. It will play a crucial role in the social and cultural development of the region, and confirms Monash’s commitment to supporting growth in the performing arts in Melbourne’s southeast, connecting it to the world. The Precinct’s cultural hub is expected to grow visitor numbers to Monash from 820,000 to more than a million annually.

Monash is committed to growing the entrepreneurial activity in the Precinct, including industry collaboration and the startup ecosystem. The collaborative environment of the Precinct enables us to increase our economic activity, and meet our employability and sustainability goals. Each year,Monash contributes $5.2 billion to Australia’s economic activity. We account for 25% of Victoria’s international education export market,5% of Victoria’s total exports, and have invested $430 million in capital expenditure, including $344 million in building and construction.

As a global change leader, we’re committed to unlocking the value of the region, and excellence in urban design. We’re investing more than $1.2 billion over the next five years to deliver on a range of initiatives, including new infrastructure and resources across our teaching and research capabilities.To ensure a sustainable future – and that our changing world is greener – we’re leading the way with our research and commitment to net zero emissions by 2030. We’ll continue to forge and nurture our deep connections with industry,government and communities to achieve more and benefit all.

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