In a recent landmark decision handed down by the Central Sydney Planning Committee, Melbourne-based property developer ICD Property and project partner City Tattersalls Club have secured a Stage 1 Development Application Approval to develop the historic 125-year old Club’s premise building on a prime site located at 194-204 Pitt Street, Sydney.

The redevelopment will involve revitalising the clubhouse with an exciting new mix of retail shops, dining and hospitality and health and wellness facilities. Critically, for the developer, envelope approval has been given to build above the clubhouse a new 49-storey tower containing a circa 100-room hotel and around 246 residences.

The Asian Executive spoke briefly with Matthew Khoo, ICD Property Managing Director about this exciting break-through which comes after years of concerted effort.

Mathew Khoo Managing Director ICD Property

TAE: The landmark decision handed down by the City of Sydney has, in many ways, been a real break-through after many years of effort.

MK: Certainly. ICD with our JV partners, the City Tattersalls Club, have doggedly pursued a development outcome for the better part of four years with its fair share of hurdles along the way. Having kept the faith as a group it means a lot now to see we are on a pathway to securing the future viability of the 125 year old member’s club as well as rejuvenating Sydney CBD’s rich historical fabric and establishing a landmark building for many years to come.

TAE: What were the critical points of contention for the planning process?

MK: Given the proximity to Pitt Street mall and the nature and extent of history and heritage components within the existing structure; traffic and heritage considerations were naturally the key sticking points and

more contentious than most sites in Sydney. We addressed these concerns by investing a tremendous amount of resources and time to hire the best consultants in these respective fields and workshopped collaboratively with Council and referral authorities until the solutions were satisfactory; and this is reflected in the supportive nature and commentary of the Council Officer’s report.

TAE: What was a turning point for the planning process?

MK: We adopted a more collaborative, empathetic approach working with the City of Sydney. Pivotal to this was securing an architect that understood the priorities of City of Sydney Planning department well and was well trusted by the Officers, which led us to appoint architectural firm, FJMT. Workshopping and open dialogue with both City of Sydney Planning Officers and referral authorities (Transport NSW and Sydney Metro) enabled us to understand their priorities and align our aspirations of the site and the precinct with theirs resulting in strong support by the City Planning Officers for approval.

TAE: What does this recent decision mean in terms of the development process moving forward:

MK: The Central Sydney Planning Committee has now approved the first stage of a two-stage planning process. The critical first stage approval defines the building envelope we are permitted to develop. Stage 2 is the exciting part involving an international design competition. We will invite six prestigious architects to compete with each other to submit a design for the site. In order to elicit the most inspirational possible outcome that can be achieved for this wonderful heritage site, a meticulous and highly creative process of discovery is likely to take us through most of 2020.

TAE: With all that is involved, can this project still be profitable at the end of the day?

MK: All our projects have to satisfy multiple criteria. Yes, the project has to be financially viable – that goes without saying. Importantly, we at ICD Property must have a sense that each project will have a positive, significant and lasting impact on the city. We accept that notion that nothing worthwhile comes without challenge.

TAE: Congratulations on a stunning outcome for your company.

MK: Thank you.


悉尼市政府日前作出一项重大决定,批准墨尔本房 地产开发商ICD Property和项目合作伙伴City Tattersalls Club提交的第一阶段概念开发申请,开 发目标是一栋拥有125年历史的古建,地处悉尼皮特 街194-204号黄金地段。

重建项目包括为这栋建筑增加零售商店、餐饮、酒 店以及健康设施,让这栋建筑焕然一新。提案中最 重要的部分是拟在会所建筑上方增建49层,包括一 家拥有100间客房的酒店和246套住宅公寓。该提案 已获批准,

《亚洲势代》采访了ICD Property的董事总经理 Matthew Khoo,交流了各方数年齐心协力获得的 重大突破。

TAE: 悉尼市政府做出了具有里程碑意义的决定,这是数年 努力的成果,在许多方面都是一项真正的突破。

MK: 的确如此。在这四年中,ICD与合资合作伙伴City Tattersalls Club始终都在坚持不懈地寻求项目的批准。一 路走来克服了很多障碍。但作为一个团体,我们始终保持着 信念,现在看来,正是这样的合作让我们踏上了一条正确的 道路,可以让这个125年历史的古老俱乐部在未来焕发生命 力,为悉尼CBD地区悠久的历史氛围注入生机,打造一个可 以持续很久的地标建筑。

TAE: 规划过程中最大的争议是什么?

MK: 与悉尼其他地点相比,围绕这个项目有一些非常棘手 的重要问题,会引发很大的争议,比如它距离Pitt Street的购 物中心很近,加之现有建筑的性质、历史意义和古老建筑结 构,以及在交通和遗产方面的考量等等。我们投入大量时间 和资源,聘请相关领域最优秀的顾问来解决这些问题,与委 员会和相关政府部门进行协作会议,直到找到满意的解决方 案;委员会报告的支持态度和评价就是我们努力的体现。

TAE: 规划过程的转折点是什么?

MK: 我们以更合作、更设身处地的方式与悉尼市合作。在 这其中最关键的步骤,就是要找一家非常了解悉尼市规划部 门的建筑事务所,知道该部门最关注什么,获得政府官员的 高度信任。我们最终选择了FJMT建筑事务所,与悉尼市规 划官员和相关当局(新南威尔士州交通局和悉尼地铁)一起 进行研讨会和开放的对话,进一步了解他们的重点考量,确 保对项目本身以及该地区的预期与政府的愿望保持一致,最 终得到城市规划官员的大力支持。

TAE: 最近这项决定对开发进程而言意味着什么?

MK: :规划共分为两个阶段,CSDC现在已经批准了第一阶 段。第一阶段的批准很关键,它规定了我们允许开发的建筑 围护结构。第二阶段涉及国际设计投标,这也是很激动人心 的部分。我们将邀请六家国内外建筑机构参与其中,以提交 该场地的设计。我们的遗产建筑公司fmjt将继续参与该项 目。这个过程可能会持续2020年近一整年。

TAE: 考虑到所有这些情况,这个项目最终还能盈利吗?

MK: :我们开展的所有项目都必须满足多个条件,很显然该 项目必须具备财务上的可行性。重要的是,ICD Property 必须坚持一个理念,即每个项目都要对这座城市产生积极、 重大且持久的影响。我们坚信努力付出必有回报。

TAE: 恭喜您的公司取得了令人钦佩的成绩。

MK: :谢谢。