The inaugural Victor Chang Foundation Surgical Fellowship was awarded to Dr Wenjian Jiang from Beijing, China, in 2019–2021 and his fellowship, under the supervision of heart surgeon Dr Paul Jansz, will be completed in 2021.

Dr Jiang completed his training in cardiovascular surgery at Beijing Anzhen Hospital, one of Chinese top heart centers before coming to Australia.

Dr Jiang said “It is my great honour to be awarded as the inaugural Victor Chang Foundation Surgical Fellow. Being greatly inspired by the legendary cardiac surgeon Dr Victor Chang.

I came to the forefront of cardiac surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital from China in August 2019. At the moment, I am learning heart and lung transplantation, mechanical circulatory support, and mini-invasive cardiac surgery from the world-class team directed by Dr Paul Jansz. I hope my experience will reignite the clinical and academic exchange between SVH and my home hospital in China.” 

Dr Jiang has assisted more than 60 cases of heart implantation, around 20 cases of retrieval and over 400 cases of other cardiothoracic surgeries.

Dr Jiang’s fellowship fulfils two of the main aims of the Victor Chang Foundation: being taught and supervised under the best and most experienced cardiac surgeons inAustralia in order to take these learnings back to

 his hospital in Beijing and to enhance international relations between Australia and Asia in the field of medicine.

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