Jinding Australia Launches New Development Company:

A 100-Year Vision of Trust and Commitment

Jinding Group has an enviable corporate reputation in China and launched Jinding Australia in 2016. This year the company celebrates the impending launch to market of three new developments in Victoria and an $800m pipeline of projects. We spoke to new managing director Liz Ronson about the company’s plans and ambitions in Australia.

Jinding Australia has a vision to be a thriving, reputable company for the next 100 years and longer. That’s what Mr Gang Yin, Chairman and Founder of Jinding Group and Jinding Australia, shared with over 100 industry leaders when the company formally launched its new development business, Jinding Developments, in February. Jinding, which translates to “a lifetime of commitment”, considers longevity and trust to be a core part of doing business.

The company has been in Australia less than three years but looks to shake up the industry with a wealth of experience gained in the Chinese market. In late 2016, Jinding Australia opened its Australian operation in the iconic Rialto Towers on Collins Street, Melbourne. Now known for offering services in real estate and funds management – with this arm working from offices in The Rocks, Sydney – this new player in the Australian market arrived backed by an established reputation. Jinding Group, launched in 2007, now has over 75 offices located across mainland China, in addition to over 10 Jinding Australia offices, and is involved in a wide range of property, education and immigration, tech and financial services.

Jinding Developments already has an $800m pipeline in Victoria alone, which currently includes over 3000 residential land lots across four new communities in prized locations. To drive its ambitious plans, the company has assembled a team with over 90 years of combined experience in the local market.

Leading that team is the company’s new managing director, Liz Ronson.

Ronson joins Jinding Australia with over 19 years of experience in property development. Over her career, she has overseen property development in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland, specialising in residential communities she has also delivered commercial, mixed use and medium-density developments. Ronson has held senior positions at major ASX-listed companies such as Mirvac and, before Jinding, Peet Limited.

“From working with publicly listed companies I have a tendency towards good governance and good systems. If we can get processes in place to streamline the day to day, we can spend more time adding value in our developments,” Ronson says. “Coming across to Jinding, I’m using that background to set us up with the right sort of robust infrastructure to make sure we can be consistent with our delivery, to make good on our promises and manage our risks. ”Ronson believes that the brand values built by the Jinding Group will help the new business stand out in the Australian market. “We are focused on creating a 100-year development brand so longevity is king for us. We want to become a household brand that you immediately associate with reliability and quality,” she says.

“With everything we do, now that we have launched, we need to make sure it’s on brand. That includes how we deal with our customers, the sales offices we present,the products we produce, the marketing materials, our relationships – they all need to be on brand.

“Towards those goals, we are making sure everything we do is accurate, high quality and consistent. We need to back up our promises so we are focused on getting our delivery right.”Business longevity grows from repeat business and Jinding Australia makes a commitment not only to honouring its promises but also to creating partnerships that extend far beyond the lifetime of a single project.

“In a cluttered market the way we are going to succeed is through repeat business and positive word of mouth,and this will come because people know we deliver a quality product and they are treated well along the journey,” says Ronson.

“We are doing that at all costs at the moment, whether it’s a customer’s experience or making sure a park is landscaped to the high standards we demand, or working with Council to achieve a better urban design outcome – we are not compromising on any of those things.”

Ronson points out that the nature of the property industry – where the lifecycle of a project is usually more than three years– naturally discredits those who might cut corners or act dishonourably. Word of mouth ensures it.

“It’s over the next three to five years that we will really start to make the difference. We are setting everything up now but I think that over time the market is going to see how we do come through with our promises and how we stand out,” she says.

To build its reputation among Australians who might not yet know Jinding, the company has a commitment to working with the best in the business, brands that Aussies already know and trust.“We are making sure we partner with groups that align with our values, so all of our consultants and advisers are tier-one, brand names that you know,” explains Ronson.

She is currently overseeing developments in Wollert, Armstrong Creek and Junction Village, which are located in Melbourne and the wider state of Victoria.

“What is great about Jinding Australia’s projects is they have features that make them stand out, in what is a highly competitive market. Each project is different and special, for example with the indigenous River Red Gums that grow at The Patch, our development at Wollert. These are places that people will want to call home, not just another generic house and land estate.”

While the company is currently focused on masterplanned communities it has much wider ambitions.

“Our current projects are land developments in Melbourne growth areas but without question our shortterm forecast includes medium-density residential. We already have projects in our pipeline and we are looking to acquire properties and grow our business into mediumdensity, high-density and, in time, commercial. We want to be a full-range-developer,” says Ronson.

Jinding Australia’s first developments may be in Victoria and it is using its home ground to create the business’ foundations, but the company is already looking to acquire properties for development in the states of New South Wales and Queensland.

Undergirding these plans, the managing director believes Jinding’s experience of the Chinese market can give it a competitive advantage in Australia.

“What I’ve learnt from the Chinese market and the way that they do business is that it’s very fast moving and adaptable. I think in Australia, because the market is not as deep, and until recently and there are not as many new entrants, it has been slower to evolve, thus creating opportunity for the innovative,” Ronson says.

“In terms of our management group and our corporate direction we are willing to consider opportunities that make good commercial sense and I think that will give us a bit of a lead and help us stand out in the market here.”

Acting quickly is important for Jinding, and given the depth of mark in Australia, research is key when considering opportunities and making the right decision on behalf of the company.

A quick response needs to be backed up by a data-based understanding of the market, as Ronson points out.

“For our communities, there’s marketing for the sake of marketing, driven by an idea of what you instinctively think your customers want, and then there is marketing based in research and understanding your customer. nowing where they shop, what they like to do on the weekend: we underpin our decision with that sort of research and rigour.

In the property industry, whether in China or Australia, relationships are the secret to successful results and this is a strength of the Jinding Developments team assembled around Ronson.

“The most important thing is having local knowledge.Our team has over 90 years’ experience in property development and in that time we have developed strong relationships and understand the drivers for our key stakeholders. We can rely on those relationships to be heard around the table, to earn trust in our vision and what we are trying to do.

“My team are a great group of people that are passionate about what they do. We are growing a business and everyone on the journey is shaping what we will be doing for years to come – their input and experience is incredibility valuable. We all own and continue to deliver on our vision,” adds Ronson.