Imagine a major development project that is delivered on time, on budget, without variations and free of building defects. Imagine a stress free settlement process where purchasers are pleased with the quality of construction and internal finishes, and share their positive experience with their colleagues, friends and family. Whilst many dream of such outcomes, there are many projects enjoying this success by the decisions they make early in the

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.57.36 amdevelopment process. The two most critical decisions for a Developer to make are the choice of Project Manager and Builder. Case study after case study has shown that a significant measure of a project’s success can be attributed to the guidance and experience provided by an experienced and dedicated Project Manager, whose focus remains on value creation and not simply ticking the boxes. In addition, the selection of a proven and reputable Builder whose objectives are aligned with that of the Developer and Project Manager is just as vital to ensure project success.

In our Autumn 2016 edition, we interviewed senior executives from top Australian Project Management firm, Pomeroy Pacific and the highly experienced Builder, Built, to better understand the principles of successful project delivery. Representing Pomeroy Pacific is CEO, Mark Pomeroy and Business Development Manager (China Market), Samantha Zhou and from Built, Director, Graham Oswin and Director of Asia Business, Ms. Yutong Ding.

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