In Conversation
with Sally Capp

It’s all about jobs, jobs and more jobs! My goal is to secure 20,000 jobs every year for the next four years – that’s 80,000 jobs to pump life back into our businesses and city.”
– Sally Capp

TAE: What is driving you to want to be lord mayor for a second term?

SALLY: I want to lead the resurgence of our great city. We face a big challenge to reactivate and revitalise our economy. I’m confident that I have the experiences and ideas, energy and passion to return our city to prosperity. I have a plan to reactivate and revitalise the city for the short-term and the long-term. At the heart of the plan is jobs, jobs and more jobs. When I became Lord Mayor of Melbourne two years ago, no-one expected we would now be dealing with a global pandemic. Now, more than ever, Melbourne needs the right leadership to take us forward. I am the right leader and my track record as Lord Mayor proves I can deliver.

TAE: Name five of your key achievements as lord mayor since you were voted in two years ago.


In my first two years as Lord Mayor, the city’s economic activity grew from $94 billion per annum to $104 billion per annum.

1. Pre-COVID, Melbourne’s economy was the same size as the ACT, the Northern Territory and Tasmania combined. Economic growth of this magnitude does not happen by accident – it happens through deliberate actions and commitment to the task.

2. When COVID hit, I led swift, practical support for all in Melbourne including a record $50 million investment in rate relief and stimulus packages for business.

3. Working with the State Government to deliver a landmark $100 million recovery fund to reactivate the city as we progress towards a COVID-safe reopening.

4. Delivering on the redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market, after years of delay.

5. Progressing work on the Greenline, a city-shaping and jobs-generating project that deliver new parks, bikeways and walkways and property value uplift.

Among my plans to reactivate the city, I will put local business out in front with a Local First procurement policy at the City of Melbourne. In my second term, we would adopt a purchasing policy which would apply a 30% weighting in the strategy assessment of every tender to businesses, goods or services from within the municipality. This is unapologetically pro-Melbourne and means our local businesses would have the very best chance of securing contracts from the City of Melbourne.

I will commit $80 million over four years for the first stage of Greenline, to revitalise the North Bank of the Yarra River between Flinders Street Station and Spencer Street. This project will create jobs, boost business, generate property value uplift, improve liveability for locals and attract visitors.

As an immediate and temporary boost, I would offer free street parking to workers, shoppers and diners from Friday to Monday, from the start of December to the end of February. This will encourage people back into our city over the important pre-Christmas period and the traditionally quieter start of the year.

And when it comes to cutting red tape – the City of Melbourne can do better and my team will do better.

TAE: How has the state government been of assistance in helping Melbourne get back on track?


The State Government has worked collaboratively with the City of Melbourne to support businesses and residents during the COVID pandemic.

We worked together to deliver an additional $10 million in support for inner-city businesses, including grants, business and support services as part of the Victorian Government’s business support package. In July, the State Government announced $20 million in targeted support for CBD businesses. Melbourne businesses will also share in the record $3 billion support package for the whole of the state, that was announced by the State Government in September.

Drawing on my long experience of bringing people together for the best solutions, I called on the Victorian Government for more support. This led to the Premier agreeing to a joint $100 million recovery fund, to re-boot the city in the short-term and reinvigorate it for the long

TAE: What has been your greatest personal challenge and possibly greatest disappointment as lord mayor?

SALLY: The greatest challenge has been experiencing the hurt and grief of so many residents and businesspeople who’ve been hard hit by the COVID pandemic. Every day I receive calls and messages from people who have spent years and sometimes their whole lives in building up a business and are now worried about losing it all. It’s heartbreaking and that’s a big part of what drives me to take our city forward. My biggest disappointment has been the petty politics behind the unnecessary delays and obstructions to the Greenline project. I am determined to deliver this project and that’s why I’ve asked a team of passionate Melburnians to stand with me for election to the City of Melbourne.

TAE: What key initiatives will you undertake as lord mayor to get Melbourne out of its COVID-19 induced economic slump?

SALLY: It’s all about jobs, jobs and more jobs! My goal is to secure 20,000 jobs every year for the next four years – that’s 80,000 jobs to pump life back into our businesses and city. We can do this through a mix of public and private investment. I will use every lever that I have to generate more jobs for Melbourne.haul. I am also working with the Federal Government to make sure Melbourne gets the financial support it needs to recover strongly. Throughout the pandemic, we have partnered with the State Government to provide employment for those who had lost their jobs and deliver vital programs such as cleaning and greening our city.

TAE: Please sum up your final thoughts for our readers

SALLY: I want Melbourne to be the city of “Yes”. Yes to thriving businesses and jobs of the future. Yes to world-class events and attractions. Yes to green space and liveability. And Yes to feeling safe and confident about our future.

My policy priorities are:

• Reactivating the city
• Creating jobs
• Boosting business
• Investing in the future

Reactivating the city means bringing workers and visitorsback safely. My job as Lord Mayor is to champion the city, invest City of Melbourne resources in supporting business to re-open as safely as possible as soon as possible, and secure funding from the State and Federal governments. More people in our city means more jobs, more money going through the tills and more prosperity for all. Creating jobs means using every lever, including public and private investment, to secure existing jobs and generate new positions.

I have set a target to create 80,000 jobs in our city over the next four years. Boosting business means practical, targeted policies like a procurement policy that will give City of Melbourne businesses priority over other locations, when it comes to awarding council tenders. It means offering free street parking to encourage workers and shoppers to return to our city. And it means extending the rates freeze from the current financial year and into 2021-22.

Investing in the future means delivering projects like the Greenline which will generate jobs and extra business activity immediately as well as property value uplift, increased visitation and enhanced lifestyle for the future.

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