An experienced and talented team backs
Sally Capp’s mandate for a second term as lord mayor.







Cr Nicolas Reece

Nicholas Reece had a diverse career as a lawyer, journalist and a senior advisor for Premiers and a Prime Minister, before he was elected as a City of Melbourne Councillor in 2016.

He’s an executive at the Melbourne University, one of the biggest employers in the city and a key contributor to Melbourne as a globally renowned education city.

As Chair of Planning at the City of Melbourne, Nick is passionate about quality urban planning, architecture and heritage protection.


Cr Kevin Louey

From 2001-2008, he was Chief of Staff to Lord Mayor John So, who was the first Lord Mayor of Chinese descent.

Kevin is currently the Chair of the Prosperous City Portfolio for the City of Melbourne.

Kevin has twenty years of experience and know-how about the City of Melbourne.

Roshena Campbell

Roshena is a barrister with expertise in corporate governance and commercial law.

She has provided pro bono legal services for asylum seekers and homeless people for over a decade.

Roshena is keenly interested in how cities are planned, governed and managed.

Tania Davidge

Tania is an architect, with a Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in New York.

As President of the public space advocacy group, Citizens for Melbourne, she led a successful campaign to oppose demolition of Fed Square’s Yarra Building to make way for an Apple Store.

Last year, her practice delivered the public art installation, Urban Tactility, the keynote work of the 2019 Open House Melbourne program.

Mark McMillan

Mark is a Professor of Law at RMIT and the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor for Indigenous Education and Engagement.

A Wiradjuri man, Mark would be proud to be the first Aboriginal councillor sworn in at the City of Melbourne and help progress work on measurable activities of reconciliation between the City of Melbourne and First Peoples.

Mark was named the National NAIDOC Scholar of the Year in 2013 for his work in Indigenous Nation Building.


James Young

A former lawyer and successful advertising executive, James now owns the iconic Cherry Bar in the city and another two music venues.

James was Executive Director of a successful advertising agency, SEE Life Differently, for eight years.

He owns and books two more live music venues – Yah Yah’s in Fitzroy and Westwood Hotel in Footscray.


Tina Kuek

Qualified in international relations and anthropology, Tina has worked in public policy for the United Nations and the Federal and Victorian governments.

Her first job out of university was at a small NGO helping migrants and refugees settle in Australia.

Tina has global connections through the United Nations. She is Vice Coordinator – Australia for UNCTAD Youth Action Hubs.


The Asian Executive endorses Sally Capp, her running mate Nick Reece and their competent team to lead our multicultural city for the next four years.

It has been a whirl-wind two years ago since fourteen independent candidates of diverse backgrounds waged a vigorous campaign for the coveted position of Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

On the 18th May 2018, the Victorian Electoral Commission declared that Sally Capp, trained lawyer, experienced business woman and high-profile pro-business advocate decisively won the by-election.

Sally’s victory was a validation of Melbourne’s need for healing following the resignation of the previous lord mayor whose difficult personal circumstances triggered a reset for new leadership.

2020 will be a year in which Sally is widely expected to complete an Act II to her legacy but with a difference. This time she is backed up by a highly experienced team of like-minded civic leaders keen to resurrect Melbourne from the economic havoc brought about by COVID-19.

The Asian Executive endorses Sally Capp, her running mate Nick Reece and her able team to lead our multicultural city for the next four years.

“As lord mayor, I have listened and learned carefully about how we can do things better and the kinds of aspirations we should have as a city.” - Sally Capp

"As lord mayor, I have listened and learned carefully about how we can do things better and the kinds of aspirations we should have as a city."

- Sally Capp

Sally’s campaign for a second term as Melbourne’s lord mayor is well underway. “I have listened for the past two years as lord mayor and learned more about how we can do things better and the kinds of aspirations we should have as a city.”

Sally’s life’s path to becoming a politician was not one she imagined from her formative years. “I’ve enjoyed working for the govern- ment and working with the government, but I never considered being a politician.” What motivated Sally to run for lord mayor in 2018 was a realisation of the potential the role had to make a real impact on how Melbourne could work and function and “the respect that other people had around me for the role.”

Two past roles point to Sally’s view of the world that she could make her mark in this challenging role. The first was her post as CEO of the enormously in fluential Committee for Melbourne. This apolitical, not-forprofit, member-based organisation that “brings together Melbourne’s premier business and community leaders.” Those who know her are cognizant of the quality of her contri- bution to sound outcomes. She went on to other senior executive roles with high-level membership organisation bodies. A second role which gave rise to good grounding for the lord mayorship was that of the London-based Agent-General for Victoria. Both London and Melbourne have much in common with London’s proximity to Europe, offering an invaluable perspective on leadership in a multi-cultural context.

The experience of becoming lord mayor as an independent in 2018 and the need to make her mark on an established order had been less than straightforward. Political observers have admired her grit and unflappability in the face of so much which  would have fallen asunder a lesser spirit. As we hurtle  towards the end of 2020, that searing experience is now past her – an energised self enters the foray again with an extraordinarily accomplished team willing and able to drive her ambitious agenda for the next four years.