Navia Logistics Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated logistics service provider specialising in FCL and LCL import and export for both sea freight and air freight. They also provide services that involve high and heavy freight, customs clearance services and so much more.

They are focused on providing a comprehensive service that leverages our international import/export experience, customer service and extensive industry knowledge in order to offer a seamless solution for their clients.

Navia’s Situation Room is a web-based business intelligence application that presents real-time information to assist our clients make more informed decisions regarding their own supply chain.

As a freight forwarder, Navia has access to every part of the supply chain on any freight movement.

When they developed this product, they felt that they had all the stakeholder interactions to expose the whole truth of the supply chain.

They wanted to arm their clients with this truth and help their staff manage costs, transit times and customer service in their own unique control tower.

In today’s competitive marketplace their clients need to gather their forces. With Navia’s Situation Room they are ready for battle.

Navia are tinkerers at heart, they like to think of ourselves as ‘freight geeks’. The more they developed, the more they learnt and the more resources we added to the cause.

Conceptually they wanted to empower their customers to think about their total supply chain rather than just the ‘goods in motion’ part. As they gained better insight into their own data set they understood the power of the information flow in their own supply chain. By having the ability to capture all of it and present it to their customers in a meaningful, actionable and empowering way, this concept gave birth to ‘The Situation Room’. Just as you would imagine a ‘Situation Room’ to be, it is the central point of truth for our customers supply chain. It is very much a collaborative tool.

There are iterations of different digital supply chain systems however a lot of focus has been placed into just making the process of engaging with a freight forwarder simpler. Their concept is that they should absolutely be easy to engage with, but more importantly they need to answer ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ statements for their customers all in the one place. They approach the supply chain challenge holistically. Their philosophy is that for every second they uncover in time for their customers, it adds value to their business. If they can shorten inventory on hand then times by five days what does this mean for cash flow, if they can work towards a 95/5 DIFOT rate what does this mean for resource usage. So to date, no there is nothing comparable on the market here or overseas that they are aware of.