Gregory Landsman

Gregory Landsman is a global
beauty expert and best selling
author of eight books on inner
and outer beauty. Landsman
is an advocate of natural
beauty, who shows us that we
can all look younger and keep
our skin healthy at every age.
His television program Face
Lifting Food is shown globally
and used in Universities in the
USA to educate on how to cook
foods that keep skin looking
younger; and his exclusive
invitation-only Treatment Room
concept that provides natural
non-invasive ‘face lifts’ to
European society is expanding
beyond its Geneva base to
Australia later this year, and the
USA in 2020.

The following article is based
on excerpts from his best
selling books Face Fitness and
Face Food.


We live in a world where stress has become the ‘norm’ and our everyday lives expose us to toxins of many kinds.Daily stress as well as exposure to UV rays; eating food that isn’t 100% homemade; pollution; and lack of sleep all play havoc with our faces, profoundly  affecting the way our skin and bodies visibly age.


With the right approach we can retain and maintain healthy glowing skin, counteract deep wrinkles and maintain skin firmness and health at any age. In other words, ‘GET SKINFIT’!

In my 30 years of dealing with faces and skin in the beauty industry I have had the opportunity to work with some of the fashion and beauty industry’s largest names. But even in the world of high fashion, no amount of make up, lighting or air-brushing can hide a face full of stress.

In this day and age we carry stress in our bodies and visibly on our faces. In fact our faces say it all; how much sleep we have had; how much alcohol we have consumed, how many glasses of water we haven’t or how we are feeling.


The wrinkle causing hormone called ‘cortisol’ is one of three hormones released by the adrenal glands into the blood stream when we are under any form of stress.

This wouldn’t be a problem if this only occurred every now and then, but research shows that most of us are now living with what is known as ‘chronic stress’, or stress that doesn’t allow the ‘stress’ hormones that support us to recede back to normal.

When the adrenal glands release cortisol, the sugar levels in the blood naturally increase, promoting ‘glycation’ in our skin and damaging our collagen.

Cortisol also decreases our skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which acts as a natural moisturiser for our skin. On top of this, it compromises the skin’s barrier,which allows even more hydration to be lost; and when skin is dehydrated, the enzymes in our skin that work to repair the damage don’t work as well.


There is no escaping our daily exposure to stress and toxins, yet despite this, looking younger is actually much easier than we have been led to believe.

Through my work, collaboration with world class scientists and research with thousands of women and men over 30 years, I have concluded that there are two essential things that can be done on a daily basis to destress and support the skin to maintain its strength,vitality and youthful glow:

1. Remove the impacts of stress from the skin on a very regular basis:

This involves regularly giving yourself a ‘natural lift’ by strengthening the facial muscles that keep the skin firm and youthful looking. Unlike the rest of the body where

muscles are attached to bones, facial muscles are attached directly to the skin. This means that as the muscles weaken, skin sags and the face drops.

Face Fitness techniques strengthen the muscles,supporting the skin to be tight and toned, while reducing and softening wrinkles. This is a truly healthy preventative against skin aging.

2. Deeply hydrate the skin & feed it the right skin building vitamins and minerals:

We can do this by topically applying pure vitamin and mineral recipes and formulas to the skin, as well as eating the right skin renewing foods.

Many of the natural foods we eat hold age-defying vitamins and minerals that are essential to skin radiance,while supporting, hydrating and maintaining the health of the skin. They are also the key to building collagen - the protein in connective tissue that keeps the skin elastic.

However, despite advertising claims, collagen cannot be absorbed from a beauty cream as the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin’s cells. This means the most effective solution is to topically apply or eat foods full

of skin regenerating vitamins and minerals that naturally renew, stimulate and protect collagen.

For example Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects and stabilises collagen, (found in citrus fruits etc.); Vitamin E regenerates and smooths skin, (found in olive oil, barley & almonds etc.); Vitamin A builds collagen fibers, (found in eggs, carrots and spinach etc.); and Copper firms the skin and enhances its elasticity, (found in shitake mushrooms, sunflower seeds and lobster etc.).

This is the science that underpins the face lifting product formulas I developed for models to keep their skin fresh and healthy, and also the DIY methods in my books, that target our greatest skin concerns such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving firmness and elasticity and protecting our skin from free radicals that cause premature ageing. There is no doubt that nature provides us with some of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients when we know where to look!

However, in a world where a great deal of stress comes directly from the emphasis placed on how we look, an important truth to remember is that the real essence of our beauty has very little to do with our physical appearance and everything to do with how we choose to share the spirit of our humanity in all that we do.

My personal philosophy of B.E.A.U.T.Y. is...

B alance in our life unfolds from the inside out.

E nthusiasm lies within the way we think and feel about ourselves.

A cceptance is the path to making peace with ourselves and others.

U nderstanding ourselves gives us clarity and wisdom to know what we want, and importantly, what we don’t.

T rust attunes our heart and mind so we can nurture spontaneity and adventure in our lives, and see that...

Y ou have what it takes to create the life and love you know you deserve and to never settle for anything less.

So while our skin is the largest organ on the body and we need to look after it, we can remain true to our beauty by never forgetting that we are only as old as our self belief, as wise as our words, and as beautiful as the love we hold in our hearts.