UDIA releases blueprint for a


The Victorian division of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA Victoria) has launched its 2018-19 Advocacy Agenda, which will drive UDIA Victoria’s advocacy in the lead up to the 2018 Victorian State Election.

Over the next 12 months, housing affordability, population growth, investment certainty, planning efficiency, infrastructure provision and activating the tax system will be key areas demanding government and industry attention.

The 2018-19 UDIA Victoria Advocacy Agenda addresses each of these areas, relating them to three core pillars that touch the lives of every Victorian:

  1. Our homes, which are the foundation of how we lead our lives and a primary contributor to the financial pressures affecting Victorians each day.
  2. Our communities, which are changing rapidly,  presenting new opportunities and challenges for current and future generations.
  3. Our economic future, which is reliant on the property industry to fund and build the projects that continue to underpin Victoria's liveability, economic growth and jobs pipeline.

The Advocacy Agenda outlines how UDIA Victoria is championing the needs of the urban development industry, who are working overtime to deliver the homes, jobs, infrastructure, services and amenities required now, and well into the future.

It describes how the organisation is actively fostering purposeful partnerships and facilitating solution-based policy outcomes that will support the state of Victoria, as the peak industry body continues working with government and industry stakeholders to deliver on UDIA Victoria's advocacy priorities.

What is UDIA Victoria advocating for?
1. Our Homes

Whether you are a renter, buyer or owner, our homes are a main contributor to the cost of living pressures affecting an increasing number of households across Victoria. Increasing the supply of new housing to meet current and future demand is the necessary solution to the affordability crisis, but to do that we must embrace new opportunities for innovation and modernisation, and address the key factors hindering the delivery and production of new homes.

That's why UDIA Victoria is advocating for:

• Policy and planning decisions that prioritise  housing affordability by facilitating, rather than hindering development; '

• A focus on modernising the planning system so it can drive the efficient and cost-effective delivery of new housing; and

• More homes and more housing options to accommodate the growing population and unlock opportunities for renters and first home buyers.

2. Our Communities

Our communities are growing faster than expected, placing pressure on our existing infrastructure and compromising Victoria's liveability. This is not the result of growth in itself but rather a symptom of poor planning and lagging infrastructure provision.

Fortunately, the Victorian economy is in a strong position supported by our increasing population and a robust development sector. We can get back on track for our communities through strategic planning and the proactive, cost-effective delivery of infrastructure.

UDIA Victoria is therefore advocating for:

• The speeding up of infrastructure delivery to ensure infrastructure stops lagging population settlement;

• Keeping a lid on development costs by delivering the most cost-effective value to our communities and the state, particularly in the context of rising house prices; and

• Investment in capacity-building infrastructure to create broader connectivity and increase Victoria's livability.

3. Our Economic Future

Our economic future relies on the ability of local, national and international businesses to confidently commit to projects.

With approximately 47 per cent of Victoria's tax income derived from property, the property industry is without a doubt the most fundamental  plank of the state's economic future. We must maintain healthy business conditions that enable industry to fund and build the projects that
will continue to underpin Victoria's liveability, economic growth and jobs pipeline.

UDIA is advocating to:

• Protect Victoria as an investment destination, enabling the property sector to commit to the projects that will improve the state;

• Future-proof population growth, recognising that it goes hand-in-hand with economic growth and jobs; and

• Activate the tax system to recognise the role of property investors in creating new housing supply and providing rental stock at a time when Victorians need it most.

The Advocacy Agenda will guide UDIA Victoria's work  as it engages with the major political parties on behalf of the urban development industry in the lead up to the 2018 Victoria State Election.